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Allow your cat to relieve stress and sharpen those claws with the All For Paws Dreams Catcher Range of Scratcher Posts and Wheels.

Inspired by Native American theme, beige and sand colour tones, bright coloured wooden beads and dangling pendant feathers.

Halushka Cat Scratcher Wheel

  • Covered in a faux soft suede on the base and inner wheel, with two feather posts attached for endless play and punching as they spring back and forth.
  • Rotating wheel
  • The outer wheel is covered in a sisal fabric for scratching
  • Dangling pendant feather and beads attached to inner wheel with a elastic string for extra spring when playing
  • Antiskid base
  • Easy to assemble and comes with instructions.
  • Specifications (cm)
    • Base: 30 (L) x 30 (W) x 2 (D)
    • Wheel: 31 cm diameter
    • Dangling Feather and Beads: 22cm
    • Feather posts: 13 cm
    • Overall assembled height: 33cm
    • Weight: 1.5 kg
 Aponi Cat Scratcher Post
  • Base is anti skid grip and covered in a soft faux suede.
  • The two post are covered in sisal and have a dangling feather and wooden beads attached by an elastic string for extra spring when playing
  • Easy to assemble and comes with instructions
  • Specifications (cm)
    • Base: 50 (L) x 50 (W) x 2 (D)
    • Diameter of Post: 9
    • Post 1: 57 (L) 
    • Post 2: 57 (L)
    • Dangling Feather and Beads: 32 cm
    • Overall assembled height: 116cm
    • Weight: 4.7kg

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